Information for Parents

Special Educational Needs

The provision for Special Educational Needs in this school is in line with the Government Code of Practice.

For more detailed information, please refer to our SEN policy available to view in the ‘School Policies and Useful Documents’ page of this website.

Throughout their time at this school we will monitor the progress of children and through this we will highlight those children who have particular special needs which will be addressed initially by the class teacher. If there are continuing concerns, our Special Needs Co-ordinator, Beckie Courcoux, will recommend a programme of work to be used by the teacher and Learning Support Assistant in the classroom. Whatever the Special Educational Needs of a child may be, we will discuss the child’s needs with parents and consider, in co-operation with parents, the kind of provision which can be made. This may include enlisting advice and help from outside agencies such as an Educational Psychologist. In a small number of cases the Local Education Authority may consider that a full assessment of a child’s Special Educational Needs may be necessary, which may result in the issuing an Education Healthcare Plan (EHCP). Children with an EHCP are taught in the same classes as their year group and have full access to the National Curriculum, but may receive additional support from a Special Needs Assistant.