Water Conservation!

Wednesday 14th June

Emily Munroe from ‘Chance to Shine’ cricket visited us in assembly today to talk to us about conserving water. She explained how, with all the recent hot weather we have been having, combined with less rainfall this year, it was important to conserve water as much as possible to make sure there was always enough water for everyone.

We came up with some ways to do this:
-Turning off the tap when we brush our teeth
-Have a shower not a bath
-If you have a bath, have a shallow one
-Only fill the kettle with enough water for your needs
-Use the right flush when using the toilet (short for a wee, long for a poo!)

Emily also talked to us about what we should and shouldn’t be putting down the toilet. She taught us the ‘Three P’s’ – PEE, POO and PAPER. She explained that these were the only things that should be put down the toilet as anything else doesn’t break down over time properly. Putting down paper towels, toilet wipes and baby wipes are especially harmful and can cause drains to block up!


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