Prayer Tree for Manchester

Thursday 25th May 2017
Today, Juniors took part in the National one minute silence to remember those hurt or killed in the Manchester Music Concert attack. We thought about the messages and ideas it was important to hold on to and remember following such a shocking event.

Year 4 have created a prayer tree. The messages showed the thoughtful, kind and caring children we have here at Oakfield and it certainly made the teachers feel very proud. Here are a few examples:

PEACE. It can always still be found in the World. No matter what happens. WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER.

A special thanks to all the men and women in the emergency services, like Phil and Kim, who helped the injured children who they didn’t even know. We need more peace.

We are the UK. We will not fall. For those who died, I feel sorry for you and your families. We will always remember you.


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