Performance Information

Please see below the KS1 and KS2 results and Year 1 phonics results for the academic year 2015/2016.

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KS1 results 2015/2016

Please note that this is the first year children have been assessed against the new curriculum interim framework and data for our school (and many other schools both locally and nationally) have data which is not consistent with previous years. Data cannot be compared from the old system to the new system. Our writing result is in line with other local schools and is a product of the new system being employed. Our high standards of teaching remain the same.

Met ARE (age related expectation)


Year 1 phonics results 2015/2016

77% of children reached the expected standard on the phonics screening test this academic year at Oakfield Primary School.

KS2 results 2015/2016

Focus of target Met ARE (age related expectation) National results 2016
Reading 50% 66%
Writing  93% 74%
Maths  60% 70%
Combined reading, writing and maths 47% 53%
Spelling, punctuation & Grammar (EPS)  63% 72%

As a small, one form entry school, our results can vary year on year due to cohort variation.

Unfortunately, due to an administration error, the DfE published results omit the 2016 KS2 writing results. The data is not showing in the validated RAISEonline. We are in liaison with the DfE/ RAISEonline regarding this matter. This data has been manually calculated internally and is available to view if required.