Water Conservation!

Wednesday 14th June

Emily Munroe from ‘Chance to Shine’ cricket visited us in assembly today to talk to us about conserving water. She explained how, with all the recent hot weather we have been having, combined with less rainfall this year, it was important to conserve water as much as possible to make sure there was always enough water for everyone.

We came up with some ways to do this:
-Turning off the tap when we brush our teeth
-Have a shower not a bath
-If you have a bath, have a shallow one
-Only fill the kettle with enough water for your needs
-Use the right flush when using the toilet (short for a wee, long for a poo!)

Emily also talked to us about what we should and shouldn’t be putting down the toilet. She taught us the ‘Three P’s’ – PEE, POO and PAPER. She explained that these were the only things that should be put down the toilet as anything else doesn’t break down over time properly. Putting down paper towels, toilet wipes and baby wipes are especially harmful and can cause drains to block up!


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Countryside Education Trust’s Schools’ Day!

Tuesday 13th June 
Owls had the opportunity to visit New Park Manor to take part in an organised New Forest School’s day. The children were invited to spend the day getting involved in a variety of educational activities. From planting seeds and making cheese to taking part in a live auction, the children had the opportunity to investigate their local surroundings and experience the country way of life for the day.SAM_2235 SAM_2239 SAM_2240 SAM_2245 SAM_2248 SAM_2254 SAM_2259 SAM_2260 SAM_2273

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Summer Newsletter 9th June 2017

Summer News – 9th June 2017

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British Values Day

Friday 9th June
Following the recent election, Oakfield thought it would be timely to hold a British Values Day and think about what this really means to us.

We discussed and learnt about the four British Values of:

This was done through class elections, voting and writing manifestos. We also thought about ‘big’ questions such as’ How Totton would look with no rules?’ and how ‘Freedom for everyone’ means we need to be tolerant towards each other.

As a school we celebrated both our diversity as individuals and our collective identity as British Citizens by wearing red, white and blue all day.


SAM_2210 SAM_2213 SAM_2214 SAM_2217 SAM_2220 SAM_2228 SAM_2229




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Martin Bradley, Local Author, returns to Oakfield!

Wednesday 7th June

Martin Bradley lives locally and has written several books such as ‘Top Gun of the Sky’, ‘River King’ and ‘Skydancer’, based on his love of birds and local nature.

Mr Bradley worked with Oakfield, running sessions teaching us about creative writing, illustrating and conservation, which really motivated us to get writing back in our classrooms!

Mr Bradley set us a competition to either design a Bird of Prey fact-file (years 1-3) or to write a poem based on Birds of Prey (years 4-6).

He came back to Oakfield and gave 30 lucky winners one of his books as a prize. Thank you to Mr Bradley for making writing ‘come alive’ for us and inspiring us!

IMG_1690 IMG_1691


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Summer Newsletter 26th May 2017

Summer News – 26th May 2017

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Prayer Tree for Manchester

Thursday 25th May 2017
Today, Juniors took part in the National one minute silence to remember those hurt or killed in the Manchester Music Concert attack. We thought about the messages and ideas it was important to hold on to and remember following such a shocking event.

Year 4 have created a prayer tree. The messages showed the thoughtful, kind and caring children we have here at Oakfield and it certainly made the teachers feel very proud. Here are a few examples:

PEACE. It can always still be found in the World. No matter what happens. WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER.

A special thanks to all the men and women in the emergency services, like Phil and Kim, who helped the injured children who they didn’t even know. We need more peace.

We are the UK. We will not fall. For those who died, I feel sorry for you and your families. We will always remember you.


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Hearing Dogs for People

Wednesday 24th May 2017
We were very lucky to have a visit from Kim and Ebony (a Hearing Dog) today to tell us what life is like if you are hard of hearing. We understood how lonely and isolated you could become but having a hearing dog who is trained to alert you to things like the doorbell ringing, when it is safe to cross the road or when your smoke alarm is ringing, helps lots of adults and children to lead a normal life and take part in school life and work.

Ebony was so well-behaved, obedient and intelligent. She demonstrated her skills with her owner and we were all amazed!

Thank you to anyone in school who has helped Emily in year 5 fund raise for this fantastic charity. After spending a day wearing ear defenders to see what it is like to be deaf, she raised over £360. Kim presented Emily with her certificate! What a fantastic role model – well done Emily!

IMG_1729 IMG_1734

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Come and try our yummy lunches!

Monday 22nd May 2017
The School Council held a meeting to discuss school lunches. Some children had concerns that they didn’t know what the menus were so we wanted to make sure everybody could access the lunch menus and enjoy their food!

In each classroom, the food choices are colour-coded so that children can record their food preferences. There are written menus on display and copies of these are also sent home and put on the school website. Pictures of the food are made available to help younger children choose.

Ernie, from year 5, visited the kitchen and had a chat with Cook. They organised for food ‘tasters’ to be made so that children could ‘try’ some different food choices alongside their normal lunch. This meant that children didn’t have to worry about choosing a dish they didn’t like and then feeling hungry but could also be brave and taste unfamiliar foods. Well done School Council for helping solve a problem with such practical solutions!




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Woodpeckers’ Nelson Mandela Biographies – Meredith

Tuesday 23rd May 2017
Nelson Mandela – Learning in year 5 – Meredith’s explanation

Nelson Mandela biographies

This week in English we wrote biographies about Nelson Mandela. We learnt that he is such an important part of history because he changed South Africa to become an equal rights country. He is very inspirational although some people think he is a terrorist. He planted bombs in buildings but he made sure no one was killed. He only did it because the African police ended up killing 69 people because they were peacefully protesting. Isn’t that ridiculous?

In 1993, he received the Nobal Peace Prize (I don’t know who else they would give it too!). In 1994 he was voted president (for the first time in years all races were allowed to vote). Sadly, Nelson passed away but his soul will be remembered forever.

By Meredith



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