Oakfield takes part in the School’s Energy Project!

Wednesday 22nd March
Mrs Cook from the School’s Energy Project led an assembly all about energy! We quickly realised there was quite a lot we didn’t know! It was fascinating to learn about different ways energy can be used and the ways we can help to save energy around our homes and at school.

The School Council were then able to take thermal images around the school to see how energy efficient we were! We concluded:

  • We didn’t need the heating to be as high in the hall as our body heat warmed the room up nicely!
  • Our school is rather well insulated BUT we did find a leak in a corner which Mr Chipato is going to fix.
  • We MUST shut the link-way door to keep the heat in….it will save us ££££££!
  • Our link-way doors also need the brushes replacing to help keep the heat in.
  • We were amazed how heat spreads and rises from our radiators….we are turning some of them down!

IMG_1685 IMG_1710 IMG_1712


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