At Oakfield Primary School we try to teach our children a rich and progressive curriculum. We believe that Mathematics teaches us how to make sense of the world around us through developing a child’s ability to calculate, to reason and to solve problems.  In our school we want to help children to understand and appreciate the importance of Mathematics in their everyday lives in and out of school.  We encourage the children to develop these key and fundamental skills through their growing knowledge and understanding of the world.

The National Curriculum for primary mathematics has three aims that should at the heart of how we interpret the content of the curriculum:

  • Mathematical fluency

In developing children’s skills through enhancing their factual, conceptual and procedural knowledge, we allow them to deepen their mathematical understanding and be able to apply what they know to help them to solve problems. Children should be given the opportunity to see and do Mathematics in a variety of different ways and we ensure that children are able to use concrete resources and pictorial representations wherever possible.

  • Mathematical reasoning

Children are encouraged to communicate and present their findings effectively using appropriate mathematical language. Reasoning is the ‘glue’ that connects all the different areas of mathematics and it is important that children are able to explore and explain these links through a variety of different tasks.

  • Problem solving

At Oakfield Primary School, Mathematics is integral to all aspects of life and it is with this in mind that we try to ensure that children develop self-confidence and resilience in their approach to a range of mathematical problems. By providing opportunities to apply their mathematical skills in different contexts and across a range of subject areas, children will be able to work systematically to organise information, find patterns and ultimately solutions through independent and collaborative learning.

Teaching of Mathematics follows the National Curriculum and reflects changes introduced in 2014 and which are outlined below.

Mathematics long term overview

Mathematics long term overview


Mathematics curriculum by year group

Hampshire Mathematics Curriculum Year 1

Hampshire Mathematics Curriculum Year 2

Hampshire Mathematics Curriculum Year 3

Hampshire Mathematics Curriculum Year 4

Hampshire Mathematics Curriculum Year 5

Hampshire Mathematics Curriculum Year 6


Useful Information for Parents

Progression in Maths at Oakfield Primary School 

KS1 progression booklet new curriculum

KS2 progression booklet new curriculum


Number Challenges

Number Challenges

DfE programme of study