Learning Links

 Summer Learning Challenge 2017
Key Stage 1 Summer homework challenge

Key Stage 2 Summer homework challenge

Espresso – This is a fantastic learning resource which supports all areas of our curriculum. Oakfield’s login is Username: Student15381 Password: oakfield

Junior Librarian.net – See what books are available

Compare4Kids Year 6 SATs Papers – Find all Year 6 past SATs papers online, in one place – including levels 3-5 SATs papers and level 6 SATs papers.

Comapre4Kids Boot Camps – Resources for Year 6 SATs

Maths Zone – Maths activities

Nrich Maths – The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners.

Primary Homework Help – Interactive maths games

Top Marks – Hit the Button – Quick fire questions on maths

Education City – Great for learning about Maths!

Bug Club – Improve your reading skills here!

MyMaths – Covers all the areas of Maths learning.

BBC Bitesize – A fantastic resource for English, Maths and Science!

Woodlands Resources – A great resource for all subjects!

Digizen – Activities and resources to promote E-safety

ThinkUKnow – A great resource to promote E-Safety

Digizen – Activities and resources to promote E-safety

CodeforLife – Work your way through the levels to improve your programming skills!

ReadyMech – Create your own printable 3D models!

3M Streetwise – A useful website to promote road safety

Scratch – A great free tool for programming!

BBC Bitesize Dance Mat – A fun way to learn touch typing!

Splash ABC – Useful resources for all subjects.

Psykopaint – Create your own artwork online!

Drumbot – Make your own music here!

Europa-Kids’ Corner – Learn all about Europe with fun games and quizzes!

Hunkin’s Experiment – Some fun science experiments to do at home!

GraphWords – Online Thesaurus

SciFun – Some fun experiments to do at home!

Virtual Keyboard – Create your own tunes here.

iPad Apps

CBeebies Storytime Reading support

CBeebies Playtime Learn with games

Scratch Jnr  – Coding stories

MP Weather – Learn about the weather

Bible for Kids – Bible stories

iRecord Butterflies – Identify and record

iRecord Ladybirds – Identify and record

Spacecraft 3D Augmented Nasa craft

Google Earth  – Mapping the world

Net Weather Storm Radar  Real time rain information

Figure music  Easy music creator

Aurasma Augmented reality

Pic Collage for kids Presenting photos (Has in app purchases) 

Skitch Annotating photos

Apps to aid writing

Rory’s Storycubes



Writing Prompts for Kids

Story Machine: Myths and Legends

Epic Citadel


Puppet Pals 2

Book Creator