Governor Personal StatementsThe full governing body is supported by two committees.  The School Improvement Committee focuses on curriculum and standards.  The Management and Resources Committee focuses on Finance, Staffing and Premises (including Health and Safety).

Name Type of Governor Responsibilities
Andrew Sutton LA Chair and Safeguarding
Martyn Ashmead Co-opted Vice chair – English link Governor
Tony Jerrett Co-opted Chair of School Improvement Committee –  Maths link Governor
John Lawrence Co-opted Chair of Management and Resources Committee – Training/Development
Linda Bundy Co-opted  Staff – EYFS
Ray King Co-opted Staff wellbeing
Sarah Deverill-West Parent Pupil Premium/SEND link governor
Paul Lailey Parent Early Years link governor
Colin Mitchell Staff  Maths Leader
Gwynne Kynaston Interim Headteacher Shared Headteacher
Diane Lawry Interim Headteacher Shared Headteacher
Andy Biss Associate Governor Safeguarding support
Geoff Brown Associate Governor  English and Assessment Leader

Governor Personal Statements

Committee Membership, Terms of Office, Pecuniary Interests 2017-18

Committee Membership, Terms of Office, Pecuniary interests 2016

Governors’ Interests (including attendance at 2016-17 meetings)