Getting Arty!

Monday 26th June 2017
On Monday 26th June, year 5 and 6 (Woodpeckers and Owls) went to Southampton Art Gallery. First we walked to Totton train station and from there we travelled for 5-7 minutes to Southampton Central on the train. Then both classes walked to the art gallery. We were welcomed by a lady called Caroline.

Next we went to the education room to do printing on Styrofoam. We could print Sif , Thor or Loki. We printed the pictures with ink after we scratched lines into the stirophome with a pencil. Then we got a tour by a guy caller Ali and we saw the story of Medusa in paintings.
By Danny and Katie

On Monday 26th June, Woodpeckers and Owls travelled on a train to Southampton Art Gallery. The ride was around 5 minutes but it seemed shorter.

Finally, when we got there, we got a lady called Caroline helped us to do printing, which meant we drew a picture of Thor, Loki or Sif on Styrofoam and then we painted on top of it with black ink and then printed it onto normal white paper (it looked really cool with the white lines that we drew.)

After that, we got a tour from a man called Ali and we talked about different types of paintings and we discovered feelings could be found in them and also what they’re about. After all that hard work we got to have lunch.

After a long day, we walked back to the train station and got a train ride back to school.
By Holly

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