At Oakfield, we highly value Geography as a topical, motivating and challenging subject. In an ever diversifying society, we see Geography as a way of promoting tolerance and understanding of other people and their cultures. Geography enables children to develop an awareness and understanding of distant places and environments, recognise how people from all over the world are linked through travel and trade, develop an appreciation of other people and cultures, recognise the need for a just and fair society. Alongside side these world knowledge skills, high quality Geography also fosters skills which children will use and develop throughout their lifetime such as observing and interpreting, map reading and way finding, empathy, communicating findings in drawings, charts and diagrams, recording and analysing data using ICT, discussing issues and problems with others and critical and creative thinking to overcome problems. Our School Council, otherwise known as the ‘Eco-warriors’ are currently working towards achieving the Eco-Schools Silver Award and have most recently lead a whole school campaign to start recycling our handwriting pens. We are proud members of the Global Learning Programme which aims to help teachers to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues at Key Stage 2. For more information on the Global Learning Programme, please visit