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Thursday 26th January 2017
In Badger’s class, we’ve all been learning to use embedded clauses in our persuasive travel brochure writing. We’ve been writing a travel brochure entry for our very own ski resort, designed completely by the children. Embedded clauses help us add extra information or description to a sentence and this type of clause would not make sense on its own. For example, this exclusive ski resort is perfect for your family’s winter getaway, is an OK sentence but doesn’t give the reader a lot of detail and so we can add an embedded clause to make it more informative. This exclusive ski resort, nestled in the French Alps, is perfect for your family’s winter getaway.

Picked straight from our travel brochures, here are some of our examples of our embedded clauses:

  • This marvellous hotel, which is perfect for your stay, has a total of a grand 5-star rating.
  • Our glorious hotel, named Pienetta Palace, is perfect for all the family.
  • Chicken soup, the scummiest in the land, is the perfect way to warm up after a long day on the slopes.
  • The rustic pub boasts legendary bands, all performing live, as well as fun, family-friendly entertainment for the kids.
  • Here in the heart of the French Alps lies a wonderland of delicious food, guaranteed to make your taste buds tingle in delight, cooked fresh by French chefs so come and try something new today.
  • Our magnificent rooms, boasting a grand 5-Star rating, are full of joyful scents to fill your day with excitement.
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