Author Visit – Petr Horacek

Wednesday 8th March
On Wednesday 8th March Caterpillars and Dragonflies classes walked to Calmore Infant School to meet the author Petr Horacek. He told the children what inspired him to be a writer, showed them how he drew his illustrations and shared some of his stories with them. The children thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

Here’s what they thought…

“I liked seeing the author because I want to be one when I grow up.” Ruby, Y2

“He did neat drawings.” Jamie, Y1

“He read his stories. I liked the greedy goat story because he ate the farmer’s pants. The

author was good at drawing.” Finnley, Y1

“I liked the pictures because they were unique.” Megan, Y2

“I liked it when he read the Greedy Goat.” Davey, Y1



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